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Freedom Wars Sentence Reduction Guide

Reducing the 1,000,000 years prison sentence can take a long time. It is also frustrating to finish retributions mission that reduce your sentence by 10,000 each time, especially if you have a bad internet connection it can be difficult to play online(my situation)

Fortunately there is Plan B that was discovered(public by late August) by players in the Japanese servers. I call it the sentence reduction farm method (AKA Plan B.)

You will be using the medical plants(level 8 recommended),

So basically you select five rarity 5 or above item, check if it produces items with+
(can be contributed for a lot of GDP and reduces more sentence),

then you put rubbish filler which can be anything below rarity 4, you can even buy and use rarity 1 grenades for this.

Apply and wait.
Do this for all medical plants you have and just sit back, rest,drink a cup of tea or coffee
and then just simply harvest. Keep repeating until your items reach the max capacity which is 999, donate them.
It should reduce a lot of sentence if done right).

In general, throw in 15 items and you obtain 27 items, it's a simple gain.

(there was even a glitch that allowed users to use 0 resource and still get 100%, it was quickly patched though....)

Description pending update, temporarily WIP.

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