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Minecraft | Uber Rare Diamond on Bedrock

We (or Benedict, rather) found 6 blocks stacked 2 high, and together in a corner shape of Diamond and it was laying on bedrock. Apparently that's rather rare. Well, we made videos of it before tearing it down for its raw material.

Shadow of Death | Comments (0) | 166
Let's Play Final Fantasy I (Part 1)

My new Let's play series, where we pick up an RPG classic. Final Fantasy I on the GBA.

Emaster MK | Comments (0) | 155
Okamiden | Deities and Environments gameplay

More brush techniques being used to overcome environmental obstacles. Chibi also interacts with some zodiac creatures.

RabidChinaGirl | Comments (0) | 117
Okamiden | Astroidean gameplay

Gameplay video of the formidable Astroidean. Chibi uses Power Slash and Galestorm to eventually defeat it.

RabidChinaGirl | Comments (0) | 135
Crysis 2 | Multiplayer Progression Part 1: The Nanosuit

Crysis 2 utilizes age-old RPG systems in its progression: the more you use a particular weapon, the better you can become with it through upgrade options, and the more abilities that become available for you to unlock.

RabidChinaGirl | Comments (0) | 119
Magicka Tutorial Level

A runthrough of Magicka's opening and tutorial.

Lorx | Comments (0) | 152
how to simple to kill ninja

jump on object near the save point 3(Door).

saurmani | Comments (2) | 193
slide with jump

first create shift + space.
need very practice.

saurmani | Comments (0) | 104
Plants vs Zombies Pool Survival First Round

Me playing the pool level in Survival Mode.

Insanity Prevails | Comments (0) | 159
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Gameplay (PC)

An example of how a "battle" in the game plays out.

Insanity Prevails | Comments (0) | 106
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds | Akuma gameplay trailer

A Street Fighter favorite returns to kick more ass.

RabidChinaGirl | Comments (1) | 142