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Microsoft Office 2010: The Movie

This movie looks pretty intense.

kspiess | Comments (0) | 95
Lost Planet 2 | Funny Emotes

A selection of funny "emotes" from the PC version of Capcom's Lost Planet 2. Emotes are gestures of sorts which can be used to provide orders to your teammates or taunt your enemy.

chautemoc | Comments (0) | 182
Elemental: War of Magic Limited Edition unboxing

We take apart Stardock's Elemental LE.

chautemoc | Comments (0) | 168
Two Worlds II | Sordohan's Journey - #3

Watch as a character from Reality Pump's RPG undergoes therapy. Hilarious and a must-watch.

chautemoc | Comments (0) | 161
Taipei city streets

Super-short shot of a computer market-alley in Taipei. [Video featured in Neoseeker's Computex 2010 coverage.]

kspiess | Comments (1) | 182
Need for Speed World | Developer diary

Behind at the scenes look at the free-to-play PC racing game.

chautemoc | Comments (0) | 154
ModNation Racers | Developer Interview

We talk to Dan Sochan about the ModNation Racers kart racing game for PS3 from United Front Games.

ThrombosisJones | Comments (0) | 123
EA Sports "Online Pass" feature tutorial

Here is a tutorial highlighting the Online Pass feature and how to register your titles.

chautemoc | Comments (0) | 146
F1 2010 | 'Handling' Developer Diary

The ‘Handling’ developer diary features new gameplay footage and former Formula One test driver Anthony Davidson, who discusses the development team’s aim to create the “most authentic experience possible.”

chautemoc | Comments (0) | 118
Halo: Reach | "Birth of a Spartan" uncut version

Extended version of the Halo: Reach live-action trailer, depicting a soldier's rebirth as a Spartan.

RabidChinaGirl | Comments (1) | 155
Halo: Reach | "Birth of a Spartan" live-action short

Latest Halo live-action short, witnessing the process of turning a soldier into a Spartan.

chautemoc | Comments (0) | 130